Allrecipes Magazine Launches

Digital publishing news for November 5, 2013

While many publishers are taking most of their content online, Meredith is doing the opposite. Ad Week is reporting that Meredith has launched Allrecipes magazine. Lucia Moses writes, “With ad revenue shifting online, publishers generally aren’t launching big magazines these days; an exception is Hearst Magazines, which has found success spinning established TV brands into print with HGTV and Food Network magazines. Meredith is taking a similar approach with Allrecipes in that the magazine comes with built-in name recognition and popularity. Allrecipes is already one of the most-visited food sites, reaching more than 30 million people, according to Meredith. A test issue released last spring resulted in about 400,000 paid orders for the new magazine, the company said.” The new magazine will also have a featured segment on the syndicated TV program, The Better Show, which airs on the Hallmark channel.

Pocket Teaches Us About Consumption Behaviour

Fast Company has an interesting interview with Nate Weiner, CEO of Pocket, a read-later bookmarking service/app. In the interview they mention some interesting data points about the way people consume articles with Pocket.

David Zax writes, “The global pie chart of saves to Pocket are an interesting snapshot of reader tastes–but even those only show the surface. Just as interesting, suggests Weiner, is users’ behavior after a story is saved. For how long do readers remain interested in that article after saving it? How much time can elapse before the article withers, forever unread, in their backlog of Pocket saves? Weiner decided to investigate the question with a recent, popular Brain Pickings story about the passage of time. Though the flurry of saving to Pocket lasted about a week for the story, the long tail on people reading it and sharing it was a span of 37 days.”

“For well over a month, that article was very active inside of Pocket. People were reading, sharing it with friends, and back onto Twitter,” Weiner says. “Everyone will get their 15 minutes; the successful blogger is entitled to fully five weeks and two days.”

Will applications like Pocket provide a new layer of engagement analytics for our online content?

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50% of Ad Campaigns to Be Multi-Screen by 2016

Media Daily News is reporting on a new study by the Association of National Advertisers and Nielsen that 50% of all ad campaigns will be multiscreen. Wayne Friedman writes, “Multiscreen is defined as two or more screens — TV, computer, tablet, mobile phone and digital place-based media — running in a similar time frame. Estimates are that only 20% of current ad campaigns are multiscreen campaigns. The biggest issue — and perhaps confusion — over multiscreen campaigns is measurement. While 71% said they currently use a variety of metrics that are specific to individual screens, 73% said they would prefer to use just one set of metrics across all screens.” Imagine if we could consolidate all of our analytics into one platform; A pipe dream but it sure would be nice.

New Editor-in-Chief at Yoga Journal

Carin Gorrell has been named editor-in-chief at Active Interest Media’s Yoga Journal. minOnline’s Jennifer Silber reports, “The former Self features editor reunited with YJ director of brand strategy and digital project development Kristen Dollard Schultz, who is the former Self digital director. While at Self, Gorrell oversaw the Condé Nast monthly’s health, food, nutrition and lifestyle content. She also helped develop Self‘s digital app for the iPad, which is a past Folio:Award-winner for best consumer online tool. Pre-Self, Gorrell was Redbook health editor and First for Women/Psychology Today senior editor.”


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