Discover How to Confirm a Potential Employee’s Story

5 steps to a reference interview that will help determine whom you’re really interviewing

In yesterday’s Mequoda Daily, we discussed five Topgrading Interview questions that will help you plot out a potential employee’s job history.

The point of this intensive questioning process is to plot out consistencies in job behavior. Doing so will show the types of skills required in past jobs, and the positions the candidate excelled in…or failed in.

After attending our Using the A Method for Hiring Successfully webinar, you will understand how to properly elaborate on the five Topgrading Interview questions from yesterday’s post and the reference interview questions listed below.

Five reference interview questions

These questions are to help confirm what you think, and what the candidate has told you during an interview. Consider these questions while reaching out to the references supplied by the individual.

#1. In what context did you work with the person?

#2. What were the person’s biggest strengths? Have them elaborate by providing examples.

#3. What were some of the person’s biggest areas for improvement back then? Also ask for examples here.

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#4. On a scale from one to ten, how would you rate their overall performance in that job?

#5. The person mentioned that they struggled in the specific job with fill in the blank. Ask them to elaborate on this, and why the individual may have had difficulties with the task.

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