Discover the Power Behind Organic Media for Content Marketing

With Content Marketing Made Simple, you will discover how to leverage organic media

In yesterday’s Mequoda Daily, we focused on the third principle of a successful content marketing strategy: Organic Media.

Although the content marketing strategy itself goes deeper into how to leverage organic media, we discussed how to create effective content to utilize in the process.

While leveraging organic media, the informative, interesting nature of the content will help build website traffic while allowing you to attract and retain a dedicated audience.

Yesterday’s post mentioned four tips to help you in writing better content. But do you know the process for engaging in content marketing when you have the content created? We refer to this as the third principle of a content marketing strategy.

Online publishers have seen the power behind organic media as consumers trust it more than paid advertisements. Organic media is seen as a reputable source of information, especially when retrieved within high page rankings in search engines.

For an educational look at the seven principles of a highly successful content marketing strategy, join us for our Content Marketing Made Simple webinar on March 22nd.

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As an introduction, here are the first three principles of our content marketing strategy:

Content Marketing Principle #1: Understand User Needs – Special-interest media in modern times is about the dedicated consumer who knows what he or she is seeking and expects the content to be of the highest quality. Discover the specific demands successful online publishers have seen today’s more sophisticated consumers looking for in special-interest media. Understanding these expectations allows publishers to retain their audience more effectively.

Content Marketing Principle #2: Use Many Platforms – Multi-platform publishing is the recipe for success within publishing. Today, publishers can create digital content that aligns perfectly with other products. Building a more robust content-based business through different mediums will bring more profit and a larger audience. Multi-platform publishing helps connect to consumers in the format they prefer. Publishers already utilizing a multi-platform approach are focusing on web efforts, email, print products, apps and live events.

Content Marketing Principle #3: Leverage Organic Media – As we discussed yesterday, and earlier in this post, organic media is extremely important in content marketing. If you do not have great content, you will have a difficult time developing a receptive audience. For publishers who have great content, organic media has become a main source of website traffic. During Content Marketing Made Simple, you will learn how to integrate your efforts together so search, social and legacy media will be aligned and work towards the same goal.

Content marketing strategies are a focus for many Internet marketers and online publishers, both B2B and B2C, as the opportunity to create digital products that align with physical products continues to evolve. If you haven’t begun utilizing a content marketing strategy yet, join us for our Content Marketing Made Simple webinar on March 22nd for the most succinct, straight-forward “cliff notes” version of content marketing.


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