Do You Know What You Like?

How media consumption barely has to be contemplated anymore

I used to search the Internet for topics I enjoyed. Sometimes I would come across the perfect piece of information. Other times I would be stuck searching for something that I could never adequately find.

For instance, I was recently using Google in hopes of finding good locations for night hiking in the White Mountain National Forest. My search wasn’t very successful, although I didn’t spend too much time with it. I would have loved to be able to type “night hiking” into a website and have a lot of suggestions come into my browser.

Fortunately for others who share my same desire to be suggested topics that may be of interest based of specific preferences, there are a number of websites on the Internet that provide that information. has been a favorite website of mine for years due to the Music Genome Project, which is an effort to use the fundamental components of music to better organize the content within its system. It’s an amazing website for any music lover who wants to hear types of music they enjoy and learn of new artists in the process.

An article on Mashable informed me of some other websites that make suggestions based on specific parameters. I was not familiar with all of them, so I decided passing on the information was necessary.

I am particularly interested in BuzzVoice, because as an auditory learner, it’s nice to be able to hear content I resonate with.

Read the original article from Mashable and see how these websites can recommend topics to you.

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    Agreed. There’s alot of very cool personalization happening on the web. Been a long time twitter follower, and reader and thought I’d speak up on this topic as my company ( is working on this ourselves.

    It’s amazing how little this is being used on websites, outside of typically showcasing the most read articles, etc. Being able to understand what each inidividual browser of your site wants to read and gearing other articles, pictures, videos, etc. towards their interest is part of what we do.

    Keep up the valuable information Mequoda team


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