Does Your Internet Marketing Strategy Focus on Baby Boomers? It Should.

What can we learn from the Internet habits of baby boomers

“Boomers should be as desirable for marketers as Millennials and Gen-Xers for years to come; they are the largest single group of consumers, and a valuable target audience. As the U.S. continues to age, reaching this group will continue to be critical for advertisers,” said Pat McDonough, Senior Vice President, Insights, Analysis and Policy at the Nielsen Company.

Baby boomers,* as a group, are 78 million strong in the US alone. This group has tremendous buying power and your Internet marketing strategy cannot afford to overlook them. According to the Nielson Company, baby boomers, unlike the previous generation, are affluent and willing to try new brands and new products.

Most popular websites by age group according to The Nielson Group

Most popular websites by age group according to The Nielson Company

At first glance, we see that eight of the top ten websites are the same for both age groups, with a slight difference in order. The other two sites that baby boomers frequent are Ask and Amazon. Baby boomers are looking for reliable information on the Internet.

How can knowing this help you develop an Internet marketing strategy that includes baby boomers?

Baby boomers seem to rely on search engines more often than other age groups. This highlights the importance of leveraging search engine ranking as part of your Internet marketing strategy. You must learn how to research keywords. If all of your articles and landing pages are properly optimized with primary and secondary keywords you will rank higher.

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Don’t just look at single keywords either. Focus on long tail keyword research – three to five words is a best practice. More and more users are typing longer keyword phrases in the hopes of getting exactly what their looking for. Help them find you.

How is your Internet marketing strategy reaching out to baby boomers? Please comment below.

*Born between the years 1946-1964, Baby Boomers are now beginning to retire.


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