Email Campaign Strategy: Google’s Latest Tool + Content Best Practices

Is your email campaign strategy capitalizing on the latest industry trends? Here are a couple of new ones to consider.

Email campaign strategy has emerged as a crucial component of multi-platform publishing, even as wrong-headed observers have pronounced it DOA in recent years. The Mequoda Method highly values online newsletters as a ripe opportunity to build loyalty, expand audience, and cultivate serious levels of conversion.

But we also know that email can be unwieldy with poor design, unkempt lists, and static content – let alone faulty SPAM filters. Navigating these challenges will put you in the position of realizing all of the benefits sound email campaign strategy promises.

Well, has some good news on one of those challenges, and also provides a couple of best practices when it comes to the content itself. Let’s see what they have to say with some recent coverage.

The Gmail Postmaster Tool Will Empower Publishers

All brands struggle with SPAM and, more to the point, coming up with solutions to circumvent flaky filters. Even Gmail, the paragon of digital correspondence, has given publishers headaches.

Now, Gmail’s new Postmaster tool offers us improved chances of reaching consumers, Business2Community reports. As long as you can prove domain ownership, you’ll be privy to a dashboard of stats and analytics, including SPAM rate, domain reputation, IP reputation, and traffic authentication among recipients.

This is an excellent advance for high-volume senders like Mequoda Members.

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“‘Knowledge is power,’ runs the old truism, and Google’s new Postmaster Tool provides a wealth of powerful knowledge to email marketers. As Google Product Manager Sri Harsha Somanachi notes on the official Gmail blog, Gmail aspires to provide a spam-free Gmail experience. They want to get the wanted mail to the right place and put spam where it belongs. Ultimately, this will place pressure on senders to further adhere to the best practices provided in Gmail’s Bulk Sender Guidelines.” writes Collin Smith.

“Caveat: While it’s tempting to think that passing Gmail’s stress tests will mean you can ace the ones the other ISPs run, don’t go there. Every ISP has its own set of rules and algorithms, and every ISP remains a unique puzzle.”

Repurposing Content Via Email Marketing

Email campaign strategy and repurposing content is a match made in heaven. We’ve said it many times: Duplicating your content in email newsletters won’t cut it – publishers must make their articles, videos, and blogs more dynamic in order to attract and retain portal visitors. has another great solution to do just that: Turning your email into courses fed from your premium content. So, for example, instead of waiting for recipients to click through and purchase or provide data in exchange for a particular white paper, break that white paper up into periodic emails that at the very least will give you a glimpse into consumption habits.

How’s your email campaign strategy shaping up? Contact us for a quick consultation if you need a refresher.

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