Esquire Shows Value of Investing in Online Magazine Archive

New online magazine archive, marking 1,000th issue, is repurposing content at its best

Dedicating resources to an online magazine archive is a best practice for multiplatform publishers that we highly recommend, and a big key to success in the Mequoda Method.

Our favorite part about digital magazine archives? You don’t actually have to dedicate too many resources to make them work. Aside from some general maintenance, most of the work is on the front end, building onto searchable infrastructure that you’ll already have in place. The content, by definition, is already in place! You don’t have to optimize it, because as a product of your digital subscriptions, it will be behind a wall uncrawlable by Google. At the same time, however, you can recycle content from your online magazine library with updates and improvements, and treat it like an inexhaustible well for promotional purposes.

Adweek recently covered the latest player in the online magazine archive movement, and this one might be the biggest one yet!

Online Magazine Archive ‘Esquire Classic’ Is Great Subscription Marketing

On the occasion of its 1,000th issue, Esquire is launching an online magazine archive that will serve as a high-powered subscription product, Adweek reports.

Esquire Classic will cost $4.99 monthly after a free month, or $45 annually for nonsubscribers and $30 a year for current subscribers, according to Adweek. It will include all past issues, every page, including the old-timey ads, providing another nice monetization opportunity for modern-day marketers.

“We wanted to look into ways of getting more value from the work that we do. We’ve spent a lot of time over the last 82 years creating great stories and great editorial,” Esquire Editor-in-Chief David Granger told Adweek. “This is all completely fresh content to the vast majority of people. … We used this issue as a way to launch, basically, an entire new business. This is meant to be an ancillary business to Esquire.”

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Fortune and Wired Driving Website Traffic Records

Time Inc.’s saw 100% growth year-over-year in August, with uniques up to 15.9 million, Adweek blog FishbowlNY reports. Mobile traffic, meanwhile, jumped 390%. At, which was redesigned in March, uniques have shot past 170 million in 2015, more than 2014 already, FishbowlNY reports. More good news for the Condé Nast title (and all digital magazines): Digital ad revenue now comprises 68% of total ad sales.

Condé Nast Has a New CEO, and His Mission Is Digital

Speaking of Condé Nast, the legacy legend has promoted a new president and CEO: Bob Sauerberg. His aims are focused on digital gains, FishbowlNY reports.

“I am thrilled to accept the role of CEO of Condé Nast, and honored to have the opportunity to continue to work with Chuck, the Condé Nast Board and the exceptional editors, publishers, engineers, developers and their teams during this most exciting time in our great company’s history,” Sauerberg said in a statement.

“Audiences and advertisers have always come to us for the quality of our content – each brand has its distinctive personality and particular brilliance – but we also want to make sure those audiences are able to access our brands on all possible platforms.  It’s my job to make sure we remain true to our sense of quality and, at the same time, deliver it efficiently and beautifully, as only Condé Nast can.”

Does your site feature an online magazine archive? We sure hope so! But if not, contact us today if you’re looking for some help getting started.

To read more about online magazine archive activity and other industry news, visit Adweek and its blog FishbowlNY.


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