Strategy Spotlight with Don: Save Time & Increase Revenue

Do you ever feel like you’re working harder than you need to? You probably are. Most people do. And the worst part is that without an outside perspective, you could spend your whole career trying to figure out how to work smarter, not harder.

In today’s Strategy Spotlight, Don Nicholas, Chairman & CEO of Mequoda gives away three tips from a session titled 17 Marketing Techniques and Tests for Saving Time and Increasing Revenue at our upcoming Digital Revenue Summit in May.

Quick Strategy Tip of the Day from Don


Shane Snow, author of Smartcuts once wrote, “It doesn’t matter if the glass is half full or half empty if you think you can make a better glass.”

In the world of publishing it can feel like things need to be done one singular way, but as you know, that’s not how innovation works, and it’s also how a whole lot of people end up spending twice as long to do something that has already been optimized by someone else.

I want to let you on a little secret today, which is that a lot of what you have on your existing website can be improved. And it can be done with a small amount of work that can be done once, but will improve your revenues and build your email list continually.

If you’re new to the Mequoda Method, before attending our Digital Revenue Summit in May, here are three small projects I encourage you to test:

1. Find out what your top 20 performing articles are, and insert text ads in them. These are approximately 50-word snippets that get inserted  two to three paragraphs into your article. Ideally, they promote and link to a freebie download that asks them for their email address. Read more about writing text ads. This is only bite-sized morsel of what can be done, but it’s a start to show you what effective conversion architecture can do before you attend our Digital Revenue Summit in May.

2. Automate your daily emails. Most professional email providers out there have the capability to automate emails, with some development work on your end. Many publishers have someone on their team who spends hours per week manually coding emails when, meanwhile, most systems have the functionality to automatically pull in content from your website. The time spent to automate emails will save you time and money in the long run.

3. Use an integrated social media manager like CoSchedule. Third-party social media tools can be a headache when you need to leave your system to program social into another system. And when you decide to change a URL or the title after you’ve already scheduled social out for a few months, all of it breaks because your social system isn’t talking with your content management system. With integrated social tools, you can schedule social while writing an article, and when the URL changes in an article, it changes in social too. Changed the title of the post? No problem, any social that used the {title} short tag will update accordingly.

Eager to learn more ways you can save more time and money? Attend the Digital Revenue Summit in May and we’ll teach you strategies that other publishers have used to streamline their content publishing and marketing processes.

In 17 Marketing Techniques and Tests for Saving Time and Increasing Revenue at the Digital Revenue Summit, you’ll dive into 17 cases that demonstrate how niche media publishers like you can use specific Internet technologies to automate and leverage their time and expertise.

You’ll discover how responsive design creates web and email templates that perform across all screen sizes. You’ll explore best practices for managing blockbuster posts, social media distribution and content syndication to drive audience profits. You’ll understand how to integrate your web, email and fulfillment systems to allow your business to make money while you sleep.

Each session of the Digital Revenue Summit is suitable for use with either B2C or B2B audiences, and delivers multiple tested, proven techniques for improving your revenues.

Don’t wait to register. Read through the agenda. Read the testimonials from your fellow publishers. Check your calendar. When you’re through, I’m confident you’ll be ready to register.

I’m looking forward to talking with you. Let’s chat more about your publishing business over one of the networking breakfasts, lunches or the reception that’s included with the price of your seat. Register now.


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