Evergreen Content: Seven Tips From Ad Age

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 7.49.00 AMIn what is likely a good example of it, Ad Age recently ran a piece on producing evergreen content, providing tips and a “quick checklist” toward attracting more visitors and advertisers through stronger search and social.

Mequoda Members have long known about the benefits of refurbished and repurposed articles, and it’s always good to get another take to reinforce key concepts and introduce us to others.

Here are Aby League’s seven points on producing evergreen content:

1. “Relevance means revenue. Make an assessment of your current and incoming blogs. Are they structured to make sense in terms of solving a certain problem or overcoming a challenge with the aid of your product or service?”

2. “Timeless pieces of content are those that supply substantial and simple answers to the questions that riddle consumers. If consumers search for it, chances are they are in great need of the best answer that will come in its simplest term.”

3. “Free your blogs, online video tutorials and social media feeds from intimidating jargon in exchange for analogies and even Pinterest-worthy boards. Educate your customers in an entertaining and engaging manner.

4. “Niche marketing is the holy grail of evergreen content. For those who are still searching for ways in which blogging can help your business, look at the spectrum of your existing and potential customers.”

5. “Virality is the online marketing strategy that dies as soon as another viral content piece shows up. Think of content creation with a marathon in mind.

6. “When you get the result you want, keep your readers coming back at a certain ‘timeslot.’ This entails consistently publishing, promoting, and engaging them with your content.”

7. “The best pieces of content are those that are shared whenever the opportunity comes. They must also be updated from time to time, so as to keep the content fresh and pulsating.”

For more tips on producing evergreen content, visit Ad Age.

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