Everything You Missed at the Mequoda Summit (Well, Almost Everything)

This week we’ve been at the Mequoda Summit in Boston with 70+ other publishers and we’ve been covering it live just for you!

Here is a recap of the entire conference:

Introduction & Digital Product Strategy
Take-away #1: Build your online audience and your subscription sales will follow

Online Market Analysis
“It’s about learning who you can partner with in your space, before your other competitors beat you to it,” Don Nicholas notes in this session about conducting an Online Market Analysis

Creating & Marketing B2B and B2C Events
David Pyle of Interweave explains their approach to taking their most passionate beaders and artists and turning them into “passionistas” for his brands

Keyword Research & Targeting
Kim Mateus of Mequoda Group shows attendees how to write a rapid conversion landing page for free reports

Website Conversion Architecture
One take-away from this in-depth session on landing pages and website conversion architecture, were all the different types of ads and placements that publishers can place on their site

Titling, Targeting and Tagging Online Content
Tips for online editors on tagging, targeting and titling online content

Twitter for Publishers
Amanda MacArthur, our resident Online Editor & Publisher, led the session on social media strategy today, addressing how publishing are (and should) be using Twitter in their own businesses.

SEO Campaign Management
Danielle Werbick tells publishers how she creates and deploys SEO campaigns for KnittingDaily.com

Landing Page Optimization
“Testing is a no-brainer”, says Bob Brady of Business & Legal Resources

Email Newsletter Marketing
Don Nicholas tells publishers that email newsletters are the new newspapers

Digital Brand Strategy
“The only things more important than your brand are your customers, your ‘passionistas’”, noted Don Nicholas in this session on Digital Brand Strategy.

Google Analytics for Publishers
12 things every copywriter, editor and audience development manager can learn using Google Analytics

Organizing Print and Online Teams
How three publishers are integrating their print and online teams

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