Examples of Why the iPad was Created

3 revolutionary apps

Some technological devices are for consuming content, and others are for creating it. It’s safe to say that the iPad was created for those who want to consume content in a portable, media-rich manner.

From audio and visual media to games and web content, the iPad offers a lot to users, especially those who have come to use the Internet has a place to share the knowledge of topics that interest them.

In a recently article from Mashable, three apps were highlighted that will likely contribute to the growth and popularity of media-rich, personalized news experiences for tablet devices like the iPad.

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The best thing about these apps is that they can be personalized so that the term “news” can be expressed as whatever that means to individuals. You may be interested in everything related to jazz and blues music and your friend may be only interested in outdoor activities. Both you and your friend want to consume news, just on different topics. That’s what apps are doing, and allowing social network friends to be included in the action.

The three apps the Mashable article discusses are Pulse News, Flipboard and FLUD. For more on these revolutionary apps, read the original article.


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