Is Facebook Driving More Referral Traffic Than Google?

via Wikipedia Commons

via Wikipedia Commons

Some publishers have found Facebook to be a significant form of referral traffic, especially since Facebook has taken efforts to highlight publisher content. Digiday reports on this. “Facebook has over the past year and a half built up a formidable media partnerships division, recruiting former journalists and publishing execs from the world’s most prestigious media companies to help the company’s relationships with publishers.”

Facebook’s partnerships team is quite strong, particularly in the publishing realm. Members of it include Nick Grudin, formerly of The New York Times and Newsweek; Andy Mitchell, previously from CNN and Daily Beast; Sara Wilson, who has written for People and The Economist; and Alexa Cassanos, who was the public relations director for The New Yorker.

Facebook seems to like having publishers put their content on the social network because it brings high-quality information to a place that doesn’t always have it. And since Facebook doesn’t produce its own content, having someone else do it for them is a benefit.

Read more about Facebook’s relationship with publishers at Digiday.

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