Facebook’s Ad Revenue Grows

via Ad Age

via Ad Age

Facebook has consistently seen growth in mobile advertising over the past six months. And although Google is still making much more overall advertising money, Facebook’s growth is quite impressive.

Ad Age reports on this story. “For the sixth straight quarter, Facebook’s revenue from advertising has grown by more than 60% over the same period the year prior. The figure climbed by 64% in the third quarter to $2.96 billion. Also for the sixth straight quarter, the company’s overall revenue increased by more than 50%; this time by 59% to hit $3.20 billion and beat analysts’ estimates.”

It was once debated as to whether or not Facebook would be successful in generating revenue from mobile advertising. It’s now clear that advertising is a major money maker for the social giant, and will continue to be in the mobile realm.

Read more about Facebook’s success with mobile advertising at Ad Age. 

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