Finding Effective Online Strategies

Only use proven methods

Conduct research before you make any changes to your online marketing or publishing strategies.

Research is essential to online profitability.

There is a wide array of technology, marketing tactics, website designs and publishing platforms, but not all of them work.

Good research will reveal which methods will boost your online profit.

As yesterday’s Daily explained, one of the best ways to perform this research is to study the publishers that are already making lots of money online.

You should break down their business models and strategies to find the pieces that will help your operation run more smoothly and profitably.

This may sound like a lot of work—and it is.

The Mequoda Group has been doing this type of research for years and it is expensive and time consuming.

What we have done for publishers, however, is spared them the amount of time and money that this research demands.

We’ve archived almost all of our marketing and publishing research in the Mequoda Daily, and you can start accessing it today.

Inside you’ll find top online publishers analyzed in Handbooks, Case Studies, Website Design Reviews, Landing Page Reviews and more.

Also, we are constantly adding to the Mequoda Daily archive—keeping you up to date on the latest online publishing information.

If you’re thinking of changing the way you do business online, the Mequoda Pro will be your ultimate guide to profitable publishing.


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