Free Report Friday: Two Free Reports for Audience Development

Content marketing and SEO will help build long-lasting relationships

Our Mequoda Summit West 2011 wrapped up today with an optional social media workshop.

During the last few days, a lot of great information has been shared with a savvy group of online publishers and content marketers.

One of the main topics discussed by keynote presenters and session panelists alike, was audience development.

As Michela O’Connor Abrams, President of Dwell Media, discussed during her session Creating Multiplatform Brands, the audience is the main point of interest for online publishers.

There is a drastic need to know your audience well so you can serve them uniquely. Without researching your audience and asking for their insight, you will not be able to create mental models or personas for them. If you do not know your audience, how can you understand their needs, wants and the most pressing issues they experience in life?

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Two free reports for better audience development

To start the Mequoda Summit West 2011, we hosted two pre-conference workshops. The first focused on the seven principles of our content marketing strategy while the other taught SEO.

The content from these interactive workshops help add more focus to the jobs of online publishers, marketers and editors in the digital world.

If you we unable to attend our Mequoda Summit West 2011, but have an interest in the processes of content marketing and SEO, here are two free reports which will provide some insight for you.

Content Marketing Strategy 2011: This free report will uncover the seven principles to our complete content marketing strategy. The most financially successful online publishers have adopted this model to transform special-interest publications into multimedia powerhouses.

Google Keyword Tool Basics: The Mequoda SEO Workshop focuses a lot on managing keyword research and building a keyword universe relevant to the topics your company covers. In this free report, you will find nine points of interest for doing keyword research with the Google Keyword Tool, including how to find niche keywords, how to manually look up keyword competition, how to create a keyword universe and how to determine keywords that drive website traffic.

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