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Welcoming Pat McKeough to the Mequoda Hall of Fame

In this week’s strategy spotlight with Don Nicholas, Chairman & CEO of Mequoda, welcomes Pat McKeough from TSI Wealth Network as our newest Mequoda Master in the Hall of Fame.

Established in 2006 to honor individuals and organizations who advance the art and science of digital publishing, the Mequoda Digital Publishing Hall of Fame now includes sixteen members.

All of these Mequoda Masters have used the Mequoda Method to build multi-platform publishing empires and establish online publishing as the future of the industry. Mequoda Masters are known for their generous sharing of knowledge with their peers and for their extensive leadership skills, and can be looked upon as worthy publishing mentors.

In this week’s strategy spotlight with Don Nicholas, Chairman & CEO of Mequoda, welcomes Pat McKeough from TSI Wealth Network as our newest Mequoda Master in the Hall of Fame.

Quick Strategy Tip of the Day from Don

We recently named Pat McKeough, publisher and editor of TSI Wealth Network, our 2017 Mequoda Master, and welcomed him into the Mequoda Hall of Fame during our annual Gold Member Summit in Boston. 

TSI Wealth Network is the online home of Pat McKeough’s highly successful family of investment publications, TSI Spinoffs, Takeovers and Special SituationsTSI The Successful InvestorTSI Dividend AdvisorTSI Canadian Wealth AdvisorTSI Stock Pickers Digest, and TSI Wall Street Stock Forecaster. These newsletters drive revenue up the funnel, where more active investors may subscribe to Pat’s premium advisory service TSI Inner Circle or his newest premium club advisory service, TSI Inner Circle Pro. And from there, they may reach the top of Pat’s revenue pyramid to become wealth management clients.

I’ve known Pat McKeough for more than a decade and guided the launch of his original Mequoda System back in 2009. I watched him struggle to find the right marketing director to run it for years, and then also watched him knock it out of the park with his System re-launch in 2016.

Pat has always had phenomenal products. More recently, he’s also hired and empowered a terrific marketing director. This critical hire—who has helped get the whole team on board to practice the Mequoda Method—has led to a massive growth for his system in terms of audience development and engagement. Since his re-launch last summer, his new energized team has already launched one new premium product with several more on the way. This has led to a re-energizing of his Inner Circle successful investor club which powered the recent launch of Inner Circle Pro, a super premium version of his very successful investor club.

Anyone in the investing publishing niche knows that there are some mountains to climb when it comes to search optimization. Like health and law, investing is a niche that Google analyzes very critically in search results, and as a Canadian investing publisher, Pat and his team had no lack of bonus challenges. However, after many years of publishing high-quality content optimized for search, Pat and his team continue to surpass expectations.

It is with great joy that we inducted Pat into the Mequoda Hall of Fame this year, based on both his longevity with our organization and the recent stellar performance of his system, which grew in traffic by 86% year over year. What a year for Pat and the whole TSI team!

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