fuelNet Publishes The 5 Best Direct Mail Marketing Ideas of 2008

FuelNet announces the release of a free Smart Paper to help growing companies improve the success rates of their creative direct mail

The death of direct mail has been greatly exaggerated. Just as TV didn’t make radio or motion pictures obsolete, the Internet has not caused traditional media to fade into the sunset. A recent study by the Direct Mail Marketing Association found that nearly 70 percent of consumers prefer to receive announcements and information on new products from companies they are familiar with via conventional mail, versus less than 20 percent who prefer email notification.

One reason for direct mail‘s resilience is that government regulations, email filtering technologies, and consumer advocates are making some other marketing channels increasingly more difficult to use. Also working in direct mail’s favor is its time-tested ability to generate leads, orders, and revenue, at a cost that fits even a small marketing budget.

But not all direct mail promotions hit the mark. To help companies of every size improve the success rates of their direct mail efforts — no matter the format — FuelNet announces the release of a new Smart Paper, The 5 Best Direct Mail Marketing Ideas of 2008. The free paper explains how to improve the effectiveness of a direct mail campaign without breaking the bank. Insights include:

  • The 7 most common mistakes to avoid
  • Why the outer envelope is key to success
  • How to reach “fans” to improve response rates
  • Foolproof response-boosting factors to test

Visit www.fuelnet.com to get a free copy of the FuelNet Smart Paper The 5 Best Direct Mail Marketing Ideas of 2008. For more information, please contact Ken Beaulieu, chief content creator for FuelNet, at 617.457.3901.

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