Glamour Mag Focusing on Mobile

via Digiday

via Digiday

Glamour Magazine is crunching numbers to create a better mobile experience, according to Digiday.

The approach has concentrated mostly on the timing of traffic, as Glamour has detected patterns enabling its mobile editorial to be staggered, rather than lumped at the end of the day for the start of the news cycle.

In April, Glamour launched Lipstick, a primarily mobile beauty source, to capitalize on the roughly 4 million phone and tablet visitors the site receives. It has precipitated a 40% increase from Glamour‘s previous beauty channel.

The magazine is mixing content to maximize the habits of those visitors: celebrity, sex, dating, style, and other coverage is released throughout the day.

“It’s very important to have great user experience, but content is everywhere,” Rumble’s Uyen Tieu told Digiday. “Discoverability is going to be just as important. The benefit is higher engagement and with higher engagement, you’re able to monetize a lot better. People in the publishing space feel so under attack that they don’t see what a big opportunity it can be.”

To read more about Glamour’s mobile focus, visit Digiday.

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