Google, Friend or Foe?

If you’re an online publisher, Google should be driving over 50% of your traffic

It’s a love hate relationship with Google. On one hand, you need Google to like your website to drive traffic. On the other hand, it seems no matter how hard you try your website is not moving to page one. What’s an online publisher to do?

The number one challenge we see is impatience. Google, like any healthy relationship, takes time to develop and nurture.

The Mequoda Group has coached dozens of publishers using the Mequoda Method. It requires 12-18 months to get everything in place and to begin to see results. However, once established, even small tweaks can make an impact in a short period of time.

As an example, Mequoda Daily added ten keyword-rich posts per week beginning in last August. After just two weeks, there was a 30% increase in email subscriber sign-ups and all ten keywords we targeted moved up significantly on Google.

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Would you like to see those types of results too? Here are the steps you must take to take your relationship with Google to the next level.

Assemble the right team – look for an online editor who skillfully combines journalism with marketing and copywriting

Keyword research and analysis – create your keyword universe and Google Visibilty Report (GVR)

Website cConversion Architecture – include OFIE’s, OFIN’s, text ads and floaters

SEO Copywriting – aim for 3%-5% keyword density in every post

Email Campaign Management – it is vital to have an effective email capture and follow through with a regular schedule of emails

PR and Link Building – lots of options here, some free some paid, it’s your your choice

Social Media Strategy – take your pick: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. get involved and be consistent

Fear not, a healthy relationship with Google is not far off, if you’re willing to commit.


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