Google Instant’s Effect on Paid Search

This information might make more online publishers try paid advertising with Google

Has Google Instant changed the way you search the web?

How about online advertising? Has Google Instant made you want to focus more on creating ads in Google AdWords. This probably hasn’t come to mind for most as the correlation isn’t immediately seen. However, it’s worth paying attention to now.

A recent article from eMarketer announced that comScore research found interim search impressions saw a 9.3% increase in impressions served.

Although clicks saw a rise, cost per click and clickthroughs dropped. Marin Software reported that the difference “seems to suggest that a post-Instant world will see more short searches than before.”

In order for a search to be considered in the data, a searcher had to stay on a page for at least 3 seconds.

Impressions are great for building brand awareness. Some will not like the fact that clickthroughs dropped, but at least more people are being exposed to the content. Branded ads might stick with the searchers longer, and more attention might be directed towards those companies of interest.

What are your thoughts on these findings?

If you’d like to read more on this topic, check out the original article from eMarketer.

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