Google’s New Mobile Look: Recipe Cards in Search Results

Recipes are being treated as a new Google ecosystem just like shopping and local businesses with new results pages for recipe cards

Google is making huge efforts to make the mobile experience better. Part of this effort is punishing businesses who have floaters and OFIEs that appear before content of the website, and Don offered advice for remedying that caveat on Monday. Another news item for publishers in the food space, is how Google is re-shaping recipes in search results.

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According to Search Engine Land, “Google has launched a new look and feel for the recipe search results done over a smartphone device…The results show various recipe cards, with a link to “view all.” When you click on that link, it takes you into a deeper view of recipes that you can then filter more based on these bubble filters at the top of the search results.” You can see examples of this new view in their post, or on your mobile phone.

Let’s look up how to make homemade raviolis.

recipes on mobile

You’ll find recipe cards you can scroll right to left through at the top, and then below you’ll see recipes displayed normally.

But a bunch of little word bubbles show up above the recipes, and I’m thinking spinach raviolis, so I click on the “spinach” bubble and what appears is a page of listings for raviolis that include spinach in the ingredients.

mobile raviolis

What I notice about these listings is that the recipe cards have ratings, time to cook, nutritional information and ingredients to view before they even click the recipe. This makes it more important to use recipe plugins and/or schema to make sure you’re providing readers with this information. We’ll be interested to learn what the click-through rates are on more highly filled out recipe cards than others.

An interesting note is that Pinterest listings show up in search results almost as regularly as articles. The ones that show up have used Pinterest’s feature that allows them to fill out recipe information including ingredients.


As a user, I find the Pinterest results to be less than user-friendly because it immediately asks you to view in the Pinterest app, something Google has told us in the past is a no-no, so we may see Pinterest results removed at some point. But for now, there they are.

If you publish recipes or are a food / home magazine, how are you adjusting to accommodate these changes?


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