Harper’s Online Goes Mobile

Digital publishing news for October 30, 2013

Harper’s Bazaar online has received a makeover. minOnline is reporting that the Harper’s Bazaar website has been redesigned for speed, responsiveness and editorial. Steve Smith writes, “Much of HarpersBazaar.com is now shoppable, with e-commerce offerings throughout. Sharing opportunities have been streamlined, especially for Pinterest. The editor-in-chief (since June 2001) Glenda Bailey- and VP/publisher (since May 2011) Carol Smith-led hierarchy claims that HB is the most popular magazine media brand on Pinterest with 5 million followers.”

The new site is very tablet friendly, images resize and menus work very well on touch screens. One of biggest editorial changes is their addition of the “On The Hour” top news stories, that is featured at the top of the site. Smith adds, “A new #TheLIST offering puts the most pressing daily updates into a dedicated section that is also primed for advertiser/client sponsorship.”

Twitter Gets Banner Ads

Digiday is reporting that Twitter has started selling banner ads. Jack Marshall writes, “This afternoon the social network tweaked its timelines to include pictures and Vine videos “front and center” in tweets, including paid ones created and promoted by brands. That might sound like a small update, but it’s potentially a huge one for advertisers. It will afford brands the opportunity to include images and videos in their promoted tweets which users won’t be able to avoid. Brands can essentially buy display advertising on Twitter now.” With their IPO looming it seems fitting that Twitter would want to make themselves more attractive to advertisers. The more important takeaway is that “pictures and Vine videos are front and center.” Start experimenting publishers!

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Allure Mobile Launches

Ad Week is reporting that Allure has launched a new mobile site that will let users search through 5,000+ reviews on their mobile devices. Emma Bazilian writes, “Parent Condé Nast announced last year that it planned to launch mobile-optimized websites for all of its brands by the end of 2013, and there was a clear case to be made for Allure. The brand said its mobile traffic grew more than 230 percent in the past year and that nearly 40 percent of Allure.com’s 2.3 average monthly uniques comes from mobile devices.”

The new mobile site launch is even sponsored by Johnson & Johnson. Brazilian adds, “At launch, the sponsor integration will include ad units at top and bottom of mobile site, as well as interstitial units throughout.”

Bob Woodward Back at The Post

To be clear, Woodward never left The Washington Post, he’s been taking a more active role ever since Jeff Bezos bought the paper. Michael Calderone for the Huffington Post reports, “Since Amazon chief Jeff Bezos completed his purchase of the paper earlier this month, Woodward has met with reporters and editors and has temporarily set up shop near the Post’s investigative team on the fifth floor, according to staffers.” It seems that Woodward is optimistic about The Post’s new owner, he feels that he has an obligation to help the newsroom out. Calderone adds, “Woodward, who profits off writing books and speaking engagements, asked the Post several years ago for a salary of $1 a year. The Post instead offered to pay him $25 a month, which is what he’ll continue to take home under new management. During his private breakfast with Bezos last month, Woodward recalled his new boss joking that he’s “worth every penny.”

Founder & Editor of L.A. Parent Passes Away

The L.A. Times is reporting that  L.A. Parent founder and editor Jack Bierman has died. David Colker writes, “Jack Bierman founded a magazine that looked at Southern California from the perspective of a child.” This perspective was ground breaking and really spoke to concerned baby boomers with children. Colker writes, “L.A. Parent spawned two local offshoots and helped spark a national trend in regional publications for parents sometimes looking to give their children the earliest possible start.”


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