Hearst Reactivates Past Subscribers With Email Insights

Digital publishing news for November 26, 2013

Direct Marketing News is reporting on how Hearst is using email insights to boost their subscriber base in both the print and digital worlds. Hearst has been using a massive subscriber database for years, but once the tablet showed up they realized they would have to market to those users differently. Elyse Dupré writes, “Converting print readers to tablet readers also helps Hearst cut direct mailing costs. So, Hearst decided to up its email marketing game and go from using email to drive engagement to using email to drive commerce and subscriptions.”

Using Experian Marketing Service’s Email Insights tool they were able to link its print subscribers to its digital subscribers and identify inactive users. With the Email Insights tool, Hearst can see if subscribers are locally inactive but globally active, LIGA for short. Dupré adds, “for example a consumer might not click on Hearst’s email newsletter; however, she might still be active with other brands.” Since using the tool Hearst has been able to reactive 5% to 10% of their inactive pool.

The Atlantic Turns to Socially Driven News

Atlantic Media is launching The Wire – which is basically a relaunch of Atlantic Wire, a standalone media site dedicated to socially driven news.

The site has some improvements from the first iteration, including a responsive website design. Along this route will come responsive ads, which speaks to the volume of mobile traffic the site gets.

Rob O’Regan writes, “The site will also feature a new social ad product called Brand Boost. The ad units, which The Wire will offer in custom or IAB-standard formats, can incorporate live feeds from a brand’s social network accounts and dynamically updated content, including headlines that link to Atlantic editorial.”

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Does Adobe Want More Emphasis on Campaign Management?

If actions were taken to scale down email and put emphasis on messaging and analytics, do you think that would appeal to a majority of email marketers?

Adobe seems to think so and is charging for email messaging going forward. Robert Brosnan writes, “Adobe’s introduction of a flat-rate, profile based email pricing takes aim squarely at its messaging partners. As of January 1, 2014, Adobe Campaign users can contract with Adobe to send unlimited email through the tool.”

Adobe is certainly disrupting the email world of its campaign users come 2014.

Bauer Media New Title The Debrief To Launch in Feb.

The Guardian is reporting that Bauer Media is set to launch its newest title The Debrief in February. Jason Deans writes, “The Debrief will feature aggregated news “to give an opinion on a broad cast of characters”, “funny and frank” sex advice and recommendations for nights out and home entertainment. On the commercial side, Bauer is talking about integrated partnerships with brands, “helping them speak to this audience by delivering content in a credible and authentic way”. Sponsored content is another key plank of the Buzzfeed business model.” The new title is aimed at 20-something wealthy females. The Debrief editorial team is hoping the content will inspire social sharing with friends.


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