How I Developed Analytical Editorial Skills

The impact of content marketing

There was a time when I approached being an online editor purely from a journalistic standpoint. My background, comprised of editorial and marketing experience, allowed me to focus on the ways I was communicating to my audience – yet I was unsure of the impact I was really having.

This issue is similar to a problem many editors and writers have: a lack of objectivity with their art form. We’ve all experienced it. You create a piece you absolutely love, and feel connected to, but it just doesn’t reach the amount of people you expected.

Then I learned about two important elements related to an online editor’s job: the Google Keyword Tool and Google Analytics.

The Google Keyword Tool helped me find the exact keyword phrases my target audience was searching. All I had to provide was the starting point – the keyword phrases endemic to the brand and our industry. Then the process of keyword searching could begin.

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Acquainting myself with Google Analytics helps me find the content audience members are already interested in so I can make it better. Analytics has also helped me identify key elements in posts that drive a lot of website traffic. With this knowledge, I’ve created blockbuster posts that target specific keyword phrases, incorporate popular verbiage, and successfully drive a significant amount of website traffic.

What type of editorial skills are you utilizing online? Is it different than you’re familiar with in a traditional editorial position? Please share your story in the comments below.


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