How to Engage an Audience with Modern Advertisements

From mobile to video, consumers require one main thing

Unchartered territories are used for marketing in modern times. In addition to social media being a marketable medium if done carefully, mobile advertising is on an upswing.

The challenge for many marketers is to successfully utilize today’s opportunities without disrupting trusting audiences.

In a recent article from eMarketer, a survey conducted by Yahoo and The Nielsen Company was discussed. This survey took a look at what consumers expect from mobile ads. Since the platform is a personal device, consumers require there to be usefulness in the channel.

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The survey concluded that informative and relevant content were the most important aspects of mobile ads to consumers.

Another article on eMarketer discussed the best ways to use video content. According to, informative videos that showed how products worked generated the highest response. Even older crowds, which typically weren’t as interested in video content, preferred informative videos over ones that were funny, interactive or had a high degree of aesthetics.

Both of these articles have one common theme: informative content. Whether focusing on video or engaging in mobile advertising, online marketers need to inform and be relevant, or consumers won’t be satisfied.


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