How to Spruce Up Your Content Marketing Efforts

5 tips for making your content more interesting

A key to content marketing is keeping your audience engaged.

If you’ve been feeling your content isn’t cutting it, here are five tips for sprucing up your content marketing efforts.

Add Video – If you publish many written content, a video post might open up a new audience, or at the very least, intrigue your current audience base.

Video content could be used to share information on special events, develop a more engaging Week in Review or present helpful tips that are better shown than written about.

Patrick Hughes, Mequoda’s New Media Producer, recently hosted an educational webinar on using video content. This program was also presented at this year’s spring Mequoda Summit in San Ramon, CA. For more information on using and creating video content, check out “An Introduction to Web Video Equipment” and “How to Get Your Video Content Viewed to Completion”.


Add Images – Some blogs heavily rely on the addition of visual images to enhance their content. When applicable, you should try to add relevant images into your posts and optimize them with keyword phrases that fit.

Amanda MacArthur, Mequoda’s Social Media Specialist, outlined some sites that you can use to find free images in her post “Where to Find Free Images for Blog Posts”.

Add Audio – As a lover or everything audio, it surprises me that audio content isn’t used by more brands. An article from Nieman Journalism Lab discussed how audio helped keep mobile users engaged longer. Plus, don’t forget about the power of branding with audio, which can be used throughout your blog. Just be careful to offer only quality audio such as informative audio podcasts or music that flows, opposed to looped music.

Add Interesting Text – I got this suggestion from an article by Dr. Peter on SEOmoz. He decided to add color to liven up his text. It does do a great job of differentiating content and keeping the eyes engaged.

Add Links – When applicable, add links to your own content to share more with your audience. Remember, not every article you post will be read by your entire audience as it posts. Linking to other articles will help more people find relevance with your content. This article is a great example of linking to other articles.

How are you sprucing up your content marketing efforts? Leave your insights in the comments section below.


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