Implementing and Iterating an Internet Marketing System

How to leverage valuable content to create customer loyalty and build repeat sales. A step-by-step guide to the Mequoda Internet Marketing System.

Executive Summary

  • Free information is the driver behind a Mequoda Internet Marketing System.
  • A Mequoda Internet Hub is the attraction and conversion nexus for up to 15 sources of high quality Internet traffic drawn in by your free content.
  • A high frequency, high-quality email newsletter maintains and builds customer brand preference with your target audience.
  • Your Internet Marketing System’s promotional emails generate the bulk of your sales in this near no-media-cost environment.

A B2B publisher who had just read Part 1, Chapter 6 in Internet Strategy for Publishers and Authors (Mequoda System Habit #6 Implement the Mequoda Marketing Model) called to ask me a favor: “I understand the concept, but I’m still having a little trouble describing the business process to my people. Could you do a step-by-step that explains the process and how we should repeat it using the sources we’ve decided to focus on for our Mequoda Internet Marketing System?”

You bet. Here’s my first pass. You’ll note I have not used all 15 sources that we’ve identified as possibilities for an Internet Marketing System—just the starter set that we see most often. Let me know what you think…

10 Steps for Implementing and Iterating your Internet Marketing System

1.Establish a Mequoda Internet Hub and high frequency email newsletter as the nexus of your Internet Marketing System.

2.Create one targeted, valuable, free downloadable information product (eBook, eReport, software application, screensaver, pod-cast, video, coupon, etc…) as the catalyst of your Internet Marketing System’s first customer acquisition program.

3.Create a high-performance landing page with strong conversion architecture for the free information product optimized to start organic customer relationships and maximize email newsletter subscriptions (see Mequoda 12 Landing Page Guidelines).

4.Optimize your Internet Marketing System’s first landing page to maximize search engine traffic (See How to Start and Run an SEO Program).

5.Conduct a robust press campaign (including editorial mentions in your own free and paid information products) to publicize each new free information product.

6.Build relevant links to each new free information product-landing page to drive qualified traffic and maximize search engine rankings.

7.Expand the reach of your free information product landing pages with paid media sources that include PPC (pay-per-click), Co-Registration, Affiliate Referral, Internet Advertising, Print Advertising and Broadcast Advertising programs to increase targeted sign-ups.

8.Repeat steps 2-7 for your Internet Marketing System for each new free information product using past results to guide free information product creation and marketing.

9.Monetize your new customer relationships by implementing a high frequency database marketing program using your email newsletter links, Internet Hub website links, solo email promotions, telemarketing, direct mail, package inserts and fax marketing to drive paid information product sales (or create advertising inventory).

10.Test and implement external paid media and retail programs to market paid information products and capture high-frequency email newsletter subscribers using PPC Advertising, Affiliate Referrals, Internet Advertising, Print Advertising, and Retail Product Sales as they meet your Internet Marketing System’s decision metrics.


Suggested Discussion Questions:

  1. What is the optimal frequency for your email newsletter?
  2. What is the best editorial topic mix and tone for your email newsletter?
  3. For every 10 editorial-driven email newsletters you send, how many solo promotion emails should you send?
  4. What sources should you use to acquire new customers?
  5. Which programs should you use to monetize your customer relationships?

Note: The details of the case have been modified to protect the identity of the publisher and program. If you’ve got a case study you’d like to share, send me an email. Your privacy is my top concern.


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