‘Inc. Magazine’ Finds Growth Digitally And In Print

via Inc.

via Inc.

Inc. is experiencing growth that most magazines aren’t, and that includes some of the major magazine publishers.

The magazine is forging ahead in the digital environment, even as larger competitors exist in the field.

However, even with this competition, Inc.’s growth is quite impressive. According to an article from Boston Globe, “Inc. recently signed a deal with CNBC to start a content-sharing and conference business focused on entrepreneurship.”

This new partnership isn’t the only positive attribute Inc. has to talk about. “According to the Alliance for Audited Media, the magazine’s total circulation over the last decade grew 22 percent to 763,962, from 625,824, a higher percentage of growth than Bloomberg Businessweek, Forbes, Fortune, and Fast Company.”

And let’s not forget about Inc.’s digital footprint. “ComScore also shows that the number of unique visitors to Inc.’s site increased 117 percent, to 4.6 million in October, from 2.1 million the same time the year before.”

Read more about Inc. at Boston Globe.

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