Increase in Spending on Earned Media Expected in 2011

Discover the tactics Internet marketers are focusing more attention on in 2011

Earned media, also known as unpaid media, is expected to see an increase in spending this year.

According to The Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA) and AnswerLab, 24% of agencies plan to increase investments in unpaid media by 24% in 2011.

This expectation comes with the fact that consumers see earned media as more credible than advertising. They want to harness this power and use content marketing as a trustworthy strategy.

The increase in spending on unpaid media is higher than spending on paid digital media and paid traditional media. The same goes for brand marketers.


When it comes to the types of digital marketing tactics that agencies will spend on, the statistics break down as follows:

-77% plan to invest in social networks and applications

-71% plan to invest in digital brand experience

-70% plan to invest in mobile

-61% plan to invest in digital infrastructure

-59% plan to invest in search optimization

-56% plan to invest in digital advertising

-52% plan to invest in viral/social media campaigns

-47% plan to invest in email marketing

-44% plan to invest in blogger outreach

-35% plan to invest in games

These statistics show that marketers are realizing the power behind content marketing and want to develop stronger communities with it.

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