Increasing Website Traffic with Article Marketing

Where you can market your online articles to increase website traffic and build your email list

As in the past, marketing methods will come and go. It’s getting harder to send email. It’s getting harder to get listed in the search engines. It’s getting harder to use Pay-Per-Click search engines. The rules are constantly changing – and they change so incredibly fast that most marketers can’t keep up with all of it.

However, one way to increase website traffic to your articles likely wont change any time soon, it will only be expanded upon, and that is article marketing, sometimes more broadly referred to as content marketing. The difference with article marketing is that you’re only marketing your articles.

Not paid-for articles, but the free ones you already list on your website. Yes, you’re spending time marketing more free content. Here are three ways to quickly market your articles.

The goal of marketing these articles is to eventually get someone to sign up for your email newsletter by downloading a free report, so make sure you are not giving everything away on the external website.

1. Article Repositories:

There are hundreds of these in existence, and some are better than others. For these repositories, you will need your article, the title, possibly a sub title, your author’s resource box, your website URL, your email address, a short description of your article, and a list of keywords, separated by commas, for your article. An example of a repository that you might be familiar with is

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2. Ezine Publishers

Once you have submitted to the article repositories, you will want to distribute your article to ezine publishers that cover topics within your niche. You can build your own database of these publishers and find them by visiting the ezine directories.

Look first for ezines in your niche, and then check each ezine to see if they accept articles. Load those article submission email addresses into your autoresponder, and each time you write a new article, send it to these publishers, asking them to publish the article.

3. Forums

Next, you visit forums that are of interest to your target market. If your niche is weight loss, you visit weight loss forums, and look to see if they have a place for articles. If so, submit your article there. If not, post the article on your own
website, and then become an active member in the forum. If your article is about cellulite, look for posts concerning cellulite.

It is perfectly acceptable to make a post and say that you have an article about this on your website, and leave the link directly to the article. Just make sure that your post is relevant and on topic, and that your article provides useful information that is also relevant.


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