Meet Your Multiplatform Publishing Mentors

Spend two days with us, and you could become our next success story.


If you’re a magazine publisher in the digital age, you’re certainly savvy enough to succeed. And perhaps you’re satisfied with your revenue and business growth as they are.

But do you know the secrets to boosting revenues by as much as 20% over the next two years? To doubling or even tripling them over the next five years? Do you believe it’s even possible?

If not, you should “meet” some new mentors who can prove not only that it’s possible, but also show you exactly how they did it – so you can do it too. You’ll learn their stories in detail at the Mequoda Subscription Marketing & Publishing Intensive, and you can register right now to ensure a seat at the next one this May 17-18.

Who are these mentors? They’re multiplatform publishing superstars, and just a small sample of the publishers who’ve achieved astonishing success using the techniques and methodology we’ll teach you at the Intensive:

  1. Clay Hall, Aspire Media
  2. Chris Kimball, America’s Test Kitchen
  3. Stuart Hochwert, Prime Publishing
  4. Phil Ash, Capitol Information Group
  5. Charlie Spahr, American Ceramic Society
  6. Bill Bonner, Agora Publishing
  7. Bob Brady, Business & Legal Resources

You’ll learn all of the details of their success at the Intensive. But allow me to share right now just a few of the strategies they’ve implemented on their way to success.

“The team I worked with at Interweave successfully transitioned a leading print enthusiast media business into the digital age. The folks at Mequoda were an important part of this team and the company’s most valued strategic advisor. We could not have done it without them.”

Clay Hall
Former CEO

Perhaps you’re wondering why Clay Hall is the former CEO at Interweave. It’s because after learning how to leverage the Mequoda Method at the Intensive, the company he built grew so large that he sold it to giant F+W Media for a substantial profit.

Would you like to learn the same secrets he knows? Discover them by attending the Intensive.


“We have used the Mequoda Method to create two successful online magazines that generate subscription revenues that are completely independent of our advertising driven legacy business model.”

Stuart Hochwert
Founder and CEO
Prime Publishing

Prime built one of the country’s largest cooking and crafting digital publishing companies from scratch in less than five years, based on the Mequoda strategies that Hochwert mastered.

Having built an audience of some 7.6 million active subscribers, and keeping them highly engaged with his Mequoda-designed email program, allows him to sell advertising spots in multitudes across his sites. To create a profitable audience like that, start by learning what Hochwert knows at the Intensive.

I think you’ll agree these publishers are superstars – and that they are admirable mentors for your company. Remember, you’ll learn all of the secrets to their success at the Intensive … so why not download the program guide, read about the same audience development, content repurposing, email promotion and hundreds of other Mequoda Best Practices that these mentors already learned?

I look forward to “introducing” you to these mentors, and to helping you find your own path to multiplatform publishing success.

Your satisfaction with the Subscription Marketing & Publishing Intensive is guaranteed. If you decide at the end that you haven’t learned exactly what you need to dramatically increase your revenues, I’ll cheerfully refund your registration cost.

As an Intensive attendee, you’ll also be entitled to a FREE 30-minute conversation with me afterward, to address your specific issues.


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