International Media News: Time Spent, Device Usage, Digital Advertising Trends

The markets making international media news relevant to publishing executives: UK, Norway, and Mexico

When you read about international media news like the kind eMarketer covers below, small and midsize digital magazines have the ability to act on it overnight to start capitalizing on audience potential, a bigger pool of tablet users, and expanded digital ad revenue opportunities.

One of the many great perks of being in online publishing & marketing – especially when you’re digital-only and niche – is how nimble your company is. If you want to gain a foothold overseas or in South America, you can make it happen with relatively little overhead and fanfare – and, most importantly, quickly. For legacy publishers, it’s not so simple. It’s the difference between driving a smart car and an 18-wheeler.

So, where will you start broadening your global footprint? Let’s see which destinations our guide has for us this week.

Time Spent With Media to Be Dominated by Digital in UK

UK adults are spending a half hour more per day on digital devices and platforms than they did a year ago, according to eMarketer. Daily media consumption is estimated at 9 and a half hours daily in 2015, with digital comprising 48.7% of that. In 2016, that share will jump to nearly 52%.

As in many sectors, mobile is driving that growth, with UK use reaching 2 hours and 24 minutes in 2015, representing an increase of 27 minutes from 2014. For the first time, this will exceed desktop or laptop time spent, eMarketer reports.

“UK consumers already have a pretty packed media day, but mobile use is clearly filling in any gaps,” eMarketer analyst Bill Fisher said. “The rapid rise in time spent with mobile comes as no surprise. With each new smartphone or tablet release, the computing capabilities of these mobile devices improves, and consumers are clearly putting them to good use.”

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Taking a Glance at Norway’s Tablet and Smartphone Markets

In Norway, meanwhile, 85% of Internet users own a smartphone, with the most popular being the iPhone. In addition, tablet use is dominated by the iPad, with 68% of Internet users having access to a tablet or ereader, eMarketer reports, with upward of an 11% rise in 2015.

Digital Advertising Trends in Mexico Point to Mobile

Through at least 2019, digital ad spending will increase by double digits annually, eMarketer reports, with mobile leading the charge and potentially making up the majority of all digital media spending by 2017.

“This year, eMarketer estimates, advertisers in Mexico will invest $1.20 billion in paid media served to internet-connected devices, including PCs, mobile phones, tablets, ereaders and more. That’s an increase of 25.0% over 2014, and spending will reach $2.01 billion by 2019. At that point, digital will account for 29.1% of total media ad spending in Mexico,” according to eMarketer.

“But the mobile component of that spending is growing even more rapidly. This year, eMarketer estimates, mobile internet ad spending will rise 76.0% to reach 32.6% of digital ad spending, or $391.4 million. It will still be growing more than twice as quickly as digital as a whole in 2019, when it will account for more than two-thirds of all digital ad spending.”

Does international media news like this make you more likely to invest in markets abroad? Let us know in the comments!

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