Internet Business Models That Bring Success

Our Internet Business Models and Strategies free report discusses nine of them

Look around the Internet landscape. What types of online business models do you see generating revenue?

Online publishers and content marketers are utilizing an array of Internet business models to make money online these days. From subscription services to online advertising, a diversified set of Internet business models can target users in completely different manners, yet still lead to success.

Our Internet Business Models and Strategies: 9 Online Content Business Models To Turn Your Print Publication into an Online Media Business free white paper discusses some of these Internet business models and shows how embracing multiple online content business models can help you make more profits.

9 Internet Business Models

The following Internet business models are discussed in our Internet Business Models and Strategies free report.

Internet Business Model #1: Selling Sponsorships – Online sponsorships can include so much, from exclusive branding of specific topics to email newsletter sponsorship.

Internet Business Model #2: Selling Listings – From job listings to directory services, an array of listings can be the focus as advertisers value this content.

Internet Business Model #3: Selling Impressions – If you have great content, why not sell ad space adjacent to your interesting or inspiring content.

Internet Business Model #4: Selling Clicks – Google Adsense will be a topic of a future webinar; one you should attend if you want to learn how clicks can equal revenue for online publishers.

Internet Business Model #5: Selling Leads – Advertisers and publishers can receive users’ contact information if positioned correctly. See how to do so in this free report.

Internet Business Model #6: Selling Books and Products – Free white papers and articles can up-sell to brand new content found in books or aligned, relevant products.

Internet Business Model #7: Selling Periodicals – Discover how online publishers are using the Mequoda System to sell periodicals.

Internet Business Model #8: Selling Memberships – Memberships and subscriptions are becoming more popular again as the iPad and mobile devices have sprouted up everywhere.

Internet Business Model #9: Selling Events – Online seminars, or webinars as we call them, are live, interactive ways of teaching or presenting content from the comfort of your office or home.

Which Internet business models make sense to you? Download a free digital copy of our Internet Business Models and Strategies free report and learn how you can utilize these Internet business models to generate more money.


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