Internet Marketing Strategy Using LinkedIn DirectAds

Target professionals with paid advertisements

Would you like to connect with a large audience of active, influential professionals? Consider reaching professionals through ads on LinkedIn.

DirectAds are paid advertisements shown to LinkedIn members on the website and the LinkedIn Audience Network. Your ads may show up in any of the ad placements on the site, including the medium rectangle ad on LinkedIn profile pages and the LinkedIn home page.

CPC or cost-per-click advertisements may also be shown as the text link ad at the top of the home page. Although, images and logos in the ad may be omitted from that ad placement.

Directads on Linkedin

Directad example on LinkedIn

LinkedIn ads also include a profile link. The profile link will link the ad to either your personal profile or to the company profile posted on LinkedIn. This has proven to increase brand awareness and CTR or click-through-rate.

Target a specific audience to improve effectiveness of paid advertisements:

  • By geography – Limit the geography of your campaign if your products or services only appeal to users in certain countries or cities.
  • By job function and seniority – Target by job function if you want to limit your ads to people who are in one of 18 broad job functions like Medical Practice, Publishing or Real Estate.
  • By industry and company size – When targeting people who work in a certain industry, be careful not to inadvertently leave out industries that fit your target audience. For example, if your main target is “Publishing”, you may also want to include “E-Learning”, “Internet”, “Newspapers”, “Online Media” and “Writing and Editing”.
  • By gender and age

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What’s the goal of your Internet marketing strategy? Improve results with these tips:

  • Generate clicks – Test multiple ad variations.
  • Generate leads, inquiries, or sales – Refine your target audience and fine tune your rapid conversion landing page.
  • Generate brand awareness – Include images that portray your products or services. Pay by CPM or cost-per-impression.

Promoting White Papers

Looking for Internet marketing options for your company’s white papers? LinkedIn provides advertisers the opportunity to distribute their white papers. To download your company’s white paper, users will be asked to provide specific contact information requested by you in order to access the document.

Does your Internet marketing strategy include LinkedIn ads?  Share your experience below.


    Beware! Don’t get caught out by the LinkedIn Ads promotions. – I recommend avoiding LinkedIn DirectAds.

    Just before Christmas 2010 I got a $100 promotional coupon emailed to me by LinkedIn to try DirectAds. I had to register my credit card with them for a $5 initial charge to open the account. A few weeks later I checked to see how the ad trial was going and found that over $250 had been taken from my credit card account (in four separate transactions) as the $100 coupon amount had been used in just a few days! I had received no notification from LinkedIn of any of these charges to my credit card.

    I have disputed this with LinkedIn and they say that the user agreement says they can charge the registered credit card for any amount at any time !

    LinkedIn refuse to accept that the promotion was unclear about charging and they point blank refuse to refund any of the charges. In fact they took a final $48 more after I asked for my credit card to be removed from their system. I never had any trouble like this with Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing.

    Don’t fall for the marketing hype – save your money and avoid LinkedIn Ads.

    Angela W.

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