Interweave Launches FlockShop for Artists and Crafters

New daily deals will be offered to artists and crafters through Interweave’s FlockShop

Interweave announced the launch of FlockShop this week. According to its news release, FlockShop is a one-deal-at-a-time eCommerce site that offers special discounts on art and craft products at up to 60% off the retail price.

Although Interweave is well accustomed to selling their own products, like instructional books, magazines and DVDs, FlockShop features an array of non-Interweave products. The available quantities of products per sale range from a dozen to 200 and are available for only a few hours.

This step towards offering more outside products seems natural for Interweave, as passionate artists and crafters make up the company. As Interweave Senior VP Stephen Koenig stated in the release, “Our teams know these brands and products firsthand because we use them and often feature them in our publications, how-to videos, and digital resources. It makes sense for us to leverage that internal expertise on both the supply and eCommerce fronts to provide our customers with a curated selection of products that will allow them to be more successful with their enthusiast pursuits.”

As for the FlockShop itself, it does not require any form of membership and sales are open to anyone. The FlockShop Alert e-newsletter is offered to customers who want to be notified of future sales. Sales promotions for FlockShop are promoted through Interweave’s network of ten online communities, including, and

Furthermore, as video is a popular promotional media, FlockShop plans on eventually incorporating video into almost all flash sales. Doing so will help describe and demonstrate the products being used by real artists and crafters.

It’s expected that Interweave’s launch of the FlockShop will help the country’s largest art and craft media company strengthen its relationship with artists and crafters.

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