Interweave Seeks Director of Online Affinity Content

Mequoda Group’s leading Gold Member is breaking new ground again

With nine mature communities, and the desire to add a minimum of three to four new online communities within the next year, Interweave is looking to fill a new position.

To learn more about this position, we spoke with Bob Kaslik, the Senior Vice President of Consumer Marketing for Interweave.

Kaslik described the ideal candidate as someone who’s a content creator, appreciates great content, focuses on pure audience development and enjoys metrics from programs like Google Analytics and Compete.

He discussed the new paradigm of online content and how this position will involve establishing best practices while leveraging the Mequoda model of audience development and content generation.

“I’ve been a publisher for eight to nine years and have been very focused on great content. Without it, marketing efforts don’t matter. Content is very important.”

The new Director of Online Affinity Content will help build audiences in conjunction with the audience development department. He or she will do this by striking up relationships with popular blogs in the community.

Additionally, the position will include use of an SEO calendar so online editors can effectively promote keyword phrases that they target while using the calendar to create multiple pieces in order to get content out three to five times per day through different mediums.

Interweave’s growth is not surprising as they’ve become major players in the art and craft arena by offering high quality content through magazines, books, TV shows, ePatterns and eProjects.

If you have interest in learning about and applying for Interweave’s Director of Online Affinity Content position, please take a look at the job description now.

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