iPad Forecast Goes Up

Two different sources predict iPad sales will be higher than originally thought. Why is this, and what’s it mean for the online publishing industry?

A few weeks ago, Sarah Rotman Epps wrote about Forrester’s original forecast pertaining to the sales of iPads saying, “our initial forecast was conservative, especially in the short term, and we plan to publish an update later this year once we have more supply-side and consumer data.”

Rotman Epps went on to say that the iPad has been acting differently than other consumer devices. There is a lot of demand from customers for this product and two factors she includes are:

-The high awareness of the iPad.

-Nearly 10 million consumers in the US own or intend on owning an iPad.

In a similar vein, iSuppli, a market intelligence company, also raised their forecast of iPad sales. The company believes Apple will ship 12.9 million iPads by the end of 2010, 36.5 million in 2011 and 50.4 million in 2012.

So two reputable market research companies are both predicting big things to come for the iPad, if you don’t consider three million units sold in the first 80 days of being released big enough already. Why has the iPad sold so well so far, and why is it predicted to continue on this path into the future?

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A closer look at the iPad

For graphic designers, web architects or audio engineers, the iPad will not be the saving grace. The device is not an efficient means for content creation. However, for those who are consuming the content, the iPad is a game-changing piece of equipment.

Compared to a laptop or a notebook computer, the iPad’s battery holds a charge much longer, lasting for 10 hours, although others have experienced even longer battery life like 11 or 12 hours.

The iPad is smaller and easier to transport than other devices, and with the longer battery life, it makes more sense to bring it to business meetings, on business trips or simply to the local coffee shops.

Furthermore, it’s simple to use by touching or tapping the screen to do what you want and all necessary apps for it can be all found in Apple’s App Store.

For the content creators

Content producers, content marketers and online publishers may not necessarily be using the iPad to create content, but they will surely be creating content for the iPad.

Statistics don’t lie. Millions of iPads have already been sold, and many more will be sold. More tablet devices will hit the market made by competing companies, which in turn makes it even more beneficial to be creating content that can be consumed by iPad users. Rich media and interactive experiences are possible with the iPad and likely for other tablets when they are released.

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    Great article – do you know how this forecast can be applied to hispanic consumers??

      Chris S.

      Hi Tommy,

      I haven’t seen any numbers on how the forecast can be applied to hispanic consumers. However, I will be sure to post that information if I do come across it. Thanks for your post.



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