iSocket And Wenner Media Partner

via iSocket

via iSocket

iSocket for Publishers is a solution offered by iSocket that allows publishers to streamline their reservation sales process, reports Talking New Media. The process will be automated into a single reserved media deal.

Is this the opportunity publishers have been waiting for, so they can streamline their advertising efficiently? Talking New Media shares some interesting insight. “Programmatic ad buying is expanding rapidly, with eMarketer forecasting that advertisers in the U.S. will spend $3.36 billion on real-time bidding. With so much advertising being bought in an automated fashion, many publishers are seeking more streamline ways advertisers can request proposals, book space, and submit creative.”

The market is growing for programmatic advertising and publishers now have a great opportunity to handle the process with automation, so they can focus on other areas for easily.

Wenner Media publishes titles like Rolling Stone, US Weekly, and Men’s Journal, so iSocket will be bringing assistance to these popular publications.

Read more about this partnership at Talking New Media. 

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