Last Chance to Learn Which Content Management System is Right for You

Three technology professionals are ready to inform you about options

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Online publishers, content producers and Internet marketers can simply their lives by using content management systems. The CMSs are designed to help publish content, index that content, organize the content and market that content organically.

In this day in age where search engines are a main source of traffic for online publishers and the new Google (Google Caffeine in beta) puts emphasis on SEO and fresh content, a CMS will help you tackle these issues and succeed while done correctly. During this webinar you will learn:

-Why our panelists chose their current CMS

-The length of time they’ve been using the specific CMS

-The costs associated with the CMS

-Standout features and plugins associated with the CMS

-Why they would recommend the CMS

-Limitations of the CMS that they’d like to see addressed

-Future plans that may exist for the CMS

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The webinar will focus on WordPress, Drupal and Telligent; three content management systems that are popular with online publishers. The best part about this webinar is that the speakers are all technology professionals who work with these CMSs on a daily basis.

For instance, Aaron Campbell is the lead developer at Mequoda Group and the owner of Xavisys, a WordPress focused web development company. He will, of course, be discussing the nuances of WordPress systems.

Doug Wade is the webmaster of Guideposts where he manages all aspects of their current websites and web technologies. He will be discussing the necessary aspects of the Drupal system.

T.J. Harty is the VP of Technology at Aspire Media. During this webinar he will be discussing the Telligent system.

If you are looking for your first CMS, or expecting to switch to a new one, our WordPress vs. Drupal vs. Telligent: Which CMS is Right for You? webinar is a must-experience. Register now.


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