Latest Trends on Minds of ‘Miami’ Speakers

Cellphone Signups, Inside Tips and Best of Best Fuel ‘Miami’

With the Miami Marketing Conference coming up in just about a month—amazing how these things sneak up on you (the early-bird rate expires tomorrow!)—we want to spotlight some of the accomplished speakers who are on the agenda along with a sneak peek into their knowledge.

1. Two questions that will be asked in Miami on Nov. 10-12 are: Does your order form work on the iPhone (and other cell phones)? Would you try to order your products on your cellphone? These may provide more important technological capabilities than a new app. More people have cellphones than iPads or access to iTunes.
Attend the session in Miami titled Kindles and iPads and iPhones: Marketing Content via New Platforms, starring J.W. Philip Ramsey, BNA, Mitch Eisen, Real Magnet and Andy Swindler, Astek Consulting/Epiphany. It should be standing room only and provide some great discussion.

2. The always-interesting Matt Bailey had this to say on his blog about Google’s new “Instant Search”:
“Google is popular because of an uncluttered interface, clean search results and a fast response. Instant Search takes away from all of these areas. It is distracting; it creates distracting movement on the page that slows people from typing in their search term. Suggested phrases that are incomplete or somewhat related may be more distracting than helpful, and if people look on a phrase that might look interesting, will it really answer a question they didn’t know they had?
“Ultimately, this Instant Search exposes Google more than any other change they have made. The suggested phrases and the distraction of the movement on the page may cause Google to be perceived as hard to use, or even worse, irrelevant. If it does not work, it goes to their credibility, which the clean interface always communicated. In my opinion, Google has more to lose from this new search interface than business.”
Matt Bailey, owner and founder of SiteLogic, will be leading a Pre-Conference Workshop on Improving Marketing Results With Web Analytics & SEO, and delivering the keynote: How Not to Waste Your Time on Social Media.

3. David Foster, CEO of BVR, will be leading a breakout session titled Repurposing Editorial to Double Your Marketing Results. Most marketers agree that repurposing content in free downloads, blogs, social networking sites or ezines is the single most effective way to increase sales revenue. Yet, how much of the editorial created or licensed by your organization is actually re-deployed to increase marketing results?

4. Asked the single-most successful thing that his company is doing now, Florin Campeanu, general manager, Rentrop & Straton, in Bucharest, Romania, responded: “The code name is ‘Emaker.’ And this software tool saved our publishing business during this long and deep recession which affects Romania. In a few words, we made software which allows us to create digital products (similar to ebooks but more complex) starting from pdf files. It’s a simple and quick process. These electronic products are secured (pdfs can be pirated and sent through email to a whole address book…), have a powerful search function and, most importantly, the information can be updated via a server. Our clients can read the information but can’t copy it. First, we moved our one-shot products onto the “Emaker” platform and we market them as short-term subscription products. We continued with loose-leafs. With Emaker, the loose-leaf business enters in a new era: a digital one. (It’s very important to say that the idea to create “Emaker” flashed before me on a SIPA roundtable I moderated in Miami last year. The roundtable was ‘From print to digital.’ That’s what Emaker does.)”
Campeanu will be on the Conference Wrap-up panel in Miami and around the whole time to talk more about this.

5. Bob Coleman of Coleman Publishing listed these three important concepts that have helped him succeed in business:
a) Pick up every phone call. If voice mail and emails, answer asap.
b) Prepare and review daily financial statements.
c) Spend at least 30 minutes each day thinking “big picture.”
Coleman will also be on the Conference Wrap-up panel in Miami (and maybe even speaking on TV somewhere).


The big picture in Miami has come
into focus and looks incredibly sharp.

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