Lauren Pedersen: Publishers Need Audience Management Platform

via Digiday

via Digiday

Lauren Pedersen, president of global marketing for Cxense, wrote recently in a column for Digiday that publishers are ceding too much control of their audience data to third parties.

“Over time, more and more publishers have become acutely aware that their efforts in providing great content and building relationships with readers and other site visitors are being undermined by third parties who take that data and make money from it,” Pedersen writes.

“To achieve greater control over the digital value chain, publishers can build content delivery networks that are independent of third-party networks. These networks can enable pure content distribution to improve the user experience while increasing traffic and monetization through targeted ads. Content distribution can be deployed on sites belonging to the same publisher, keeping more of their revenues in-house.”

Pedersen cited an instance from The New York Times Innovation Report wherein The Huffington Post and other sites aggregated a Times story; all subsequently outperformed the Times‘ original page in viewership by updating based on readers’ interaction with the content. A HuffPo executive discussing the trend with the Times “reportedly told the Times it should ‘defend the digital pickpockets from stealing your stuff with better headlines, better social.'”

To read more about how publishers can take more control of their audience data, visit Digiday.

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