LinkedIn Publishing Operations Accelerate

via LinkedIn

via LinkedIn

Now, more than ever, LinkedIn is living up to its name.

The networking mega-platform is launching an initiative to connect content with advertising, including partnerships with such publishers as Atlantic Media, Bloomberg, CBSi, and IDG. At their core, the partnerships will involve the promotion of stories and targeted ads, with LinkedIn as the conduit.

The model will also extend to content marketing shops like Atlantic Media Strategies, Contently, Freshwire, Newscred, Percolate, Rallyverse, and Vaynermedia, according to Digiday.

LinkedIn “obviously wants to push this extremely hard since it’s having a lot of success from their influencer program,” the site quoted Sebastian Jespersen, CEO of digital agency Vertic. Vertic is participating in the program. “Now they want to give the same opportunity to brands. … [LinkedIn] has always seen that content is creating more engagement than anything else. The issue for the brands is that they don’t have the infrastructure to create this content.”

To read more about LinkedIn’s publishing partnerships, visit Digiday.

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