LinkedIn’s New Social Media Strategy

LinkedIn has made a number of changes to improve your experience

Earlier this year, LinkedIn purchased the recommendation technology company mSpoke and ChoiceVendor, a startup that provides ratings and reviews of B2B service providers. It looks like they have finally put it to good use.

Create your showcase of recommendations

How would you like to leverage your LinkedIn network to get the word out about your products in the most trusted, credible way? Add your products or services to LinkedIn to showcase and manage recommendations from your clients and customers.  Here’s how:

Add your products and services. Showcase what your company does via a new, easy to use, self-serve interface. You control and update the content, including links, images and video for multiple products or services.


Linkedin Product Page for Content Marketing Strategy Basics

LinkedIn Product Page for Content Marketing Strategy Basics

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Get recommendations. Ask your current clients and customers to visit your page on LinkedIn to recommend your products and services.

Benefit from the Buzz. When a LinkedIn member comments favorably on your business or your offerings, you get trusted, credible recommendations. When their connections see those recommendations, you benefit. And when those recommendations are shared, you benefit again. With LinkedIn’s 80 million professionals, that’s a lot of potential buzz.

Create a LinkedIn ad. Narrow your target audience to people who may be interested in what you offer. Make sure to create ads that resonate with that particular audience (ie: by geography, job function or industry). LinkedIn ads are pay-per-click and not required.

We are glad to see LinkedIn provide companies a place to showcase their products, services and recommendations. Company Pages will allow companies to further build their brand through network recommendations, giving members credible insights into how any given product (or service) is perceived by their fellow professionals.

Is the “Products and Services” tab enabled on your Company page? If so, add the link below and tell us about your experience thus far.


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