Magazine Publishing Company News: Time Inc., Meredith, B2B

A glimpse inside the remaking of a legendary magazine publishing company; plus, acquisitions, expansions, and hires

Is there a more historically iconic and currently intriguing magazine publishing company than Time Inc.?

We’ve watched with fascination their efforts to not only stay relevant and viable, but also to compete hard with digital natives and startups. They’re acting like a magazine publishing company who wants to do even bigger things, and thus are setting a great example for Mequoda Members. So, what’s next for them? Read on for a great interview with one of the brands publishing executives.

In addition, check out the news we’re monitoring on the mergers & acquisitions front, as well as the recent bold names from the world of promotions and hires. We have to thank for these latest headlines – let’s dive right in.

Time Inc. SVP on the Magazine Publishing Company’s Evolution

Must-read interview for publishing executives: Recently installed Time Inc. International senior vice president and group publisher Eric Danetz.

“[I]t’s leveraging the fact that we now have brands we’ve partnered with for a long time—when you think about the scale that we have, we’ve got over 150 million people coming to our digital platforms, 120 million-plus in print and then over 200 million on social—how are we leveraging that on a global basis? Whether you’re talking to the IBM’s of the world or Ford or Procter & Gamble, what we can do in New York, and frankly around the world at this point, is have those conversations and not just talk about what our domestic reach is, but what we can do on a global basis, in terms of not only reaching these people on our platforms but also potentially doing something place-based for them. We acquired inVNT, which allows us to do that as well. Taking a look at our overall capabilities and leveraging that on a global basis is what we’re able to do as an international division within Time Inc.,” Danetz told Greg Dool.

“We’re going to continue to look to expand our license footprint and build technology that makes it easier for our licensees to come on board and easier for us to monetize the inventory that they will eventually have. We’re going to be very focused on digital growth, as well. Historically, a lot of our licensed editions were print editions, and yes, they do have digital components, but we’re going to focus on enhancing that and building tech and platforms that allow us to do that. Also, looking holistically, we have all of this traffic, all of this opportunity under the preface of our brands. How do we target these individuals, how do we leverage the data so that we can truly be a global powerhouse in terms of targeting and reaching people in different markets in ways we haven’t before?”

UBM Acquires Content Marketing Institute …

Events-first magazine publishing company UBM has purchased CMI, reports.


“CMI’s assets include Content Marketing World, an annual event held in Cleveland each September, as well as a series of other conferences. The company’s event business earned between $6 and $9 million last year, according to UBM, with about an additional $3 million from ‘other marketing services,'” Dool writes.

“It’s the second acquisition in just over a month for UBM, who in late April purchased Business Journals Inc., producers of a number of notable fashion shows across the U.S., for $69 million. Former Rodale president Scott Schulman came on board as CEO of UBM’s Americas division earlier in April, tasked with further implementing the “events-first” strategy that has the conference and trade show business driving the majority of UBM’s revenues. The company sold PR Newswire to Cision late last year in a blockbuster deal worth $841 million.”

… While B2B Marketing Expands to U.S.

UK company B2B Marketing is gaining an American foothold, reports.

“The brand will produce bespoke content and bring its events and social media programs to the U.S. for American marketing firms, ad agencies, as well as B2B marketing and media professionals. The U.S. team, based in Chicago, will produce a regular series of newsletters and surveys, and events in the fall,” Ellen Cools writes.

“According to editor-in-chief and co-founder Joel Harrison, the company’s U.S. platform is an ideal experience for U.S.-based audiences, providing features, use cases, research, interactive discussions, and access to the company’s global archives.”

Meredith, MPA, DeSilva + Phillips Hire Publishing Executives

Meredith has filled two big positions when it comes to the future of the company: Melinda Lee is now senior vice president/general manager of video, while Marla Newman is vice president of digital sales, reports.

“In her new position, Lee will manage the brand’s nationwide video studios, including in New York, Seattle, and Des Moines. She will also develop video products, partnerships and programming to grow Meredith’s engagement and reach among millennial women,” Cools writes.

“Meanwhile, Newman will be responsible for all aspects of Meredith Digital’s go-to-market sales strategy and execution for brand, agency, and holding company partners. She joins the company from AOL and Microsoft, where she served as global head of agency development. Previously, Newman served as SVP digital sales at Fox Sports and held leadership positions at MTV Networks and MSN.”

Elsewhere, the Association of Magazine Media has tapped Barry Fleming as vice president and digital director, while the media mergers & acquisitions firm DeSilva + Phillips has hired former Tribune Publishing, Time Inc., Meredith, and Conde exec Jack Griffin as a senior advisor.

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