Magazine Reading Experience Desirable for Digital

via Digiday

via Digiday

More and more, digital content providers are emulating magazines in both presentation and hiring practices in order to better impress readers and advertisers.

In particular, Yahoo, Say Media, and Flipboard are focusing resources on establishing verticals in topics that have traditionally been the purview of print magazines, while building ads that are “highly visual and elaborate,” Digiday reports.

“Print magazines … are everything online publishers want – they stand for something with their audiences, they have established rates based on a long tradition of buying and selling,” Lucia Moses writes.

“And the magazine reading experience is different. Magazines may be losing importance as more readers shift online, but they’re still the ultimate engagement vehicle. Research has shown that people are more focused when reading print than when listening to radio or watching TV.”

To read more about the digital desirability of the magazine reading experience, visit Digiday.

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