Magazine Values Increase Over Time

via Mr. Magazine

via Mr. Magazine

Unlike other platforms’, magazines’ worth rise as the years go by. Think about it: Your first DVD player is a piece of junk these days, but the first issue of Playboy has gone from 50 cents to $4,000.

So observes Samir “Mr. Magazine” Husni, director of the Magazine Innovation Center at the University of Mississippi.

“I used to be able to buy a print edition of TIME Magazine for $2.95 twenty years ago and today a copy will cost you $4.99. … All of these digital accoutrements cost a pretty penny when they were introduced to the buying public and within a few years they were not only obsolete after spending that huge chunk of cash, they were also worth nothing due to their antiquation,” Husni writes. “Print platforms increase their value, while digital platforms do not.”

Considering that we’re still in the infancy stage of digital products, only time will tell.

To read more about the value of print, visit Mr. Magazine.



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