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Tablet publishing, mobile and social, and B2B content marketing are trends to pay attention to if you want to make a magazine online

To make a magazine online is to set out on quite a journey. It’s a journey that will require comrades, and we’re more than happy to join you on your digital publishing odyssey. There will be turbulence, bumps, and stormy weather. But there will also be success if you’re willing to work.

Our favorite part about this business is the many entry points and avenues to success. Cross-device choices, multiplatform strategy, digital consumers – it’s all up to you. You call the shots.

But a little guidance doesn’t hurt. TheMediaBriefing.com provides just that with some recent articles. We provide it, too, by way of dedicated support around the clock. And if we’re learning anything from this coverage, it’s that diligence is in major demand, if only to keep up with all of the trends.

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Has Tablet Publishing Peaked? No Way. Or Way?

Tablets, phablets, smart phones – it all means mobile. But as TheMediaBriefing.com points out, the tablet platform is and always will be just one of many, and publishers looking to make a magazine online must be aware of that.

“Despite tablets seeing some rapid growth in the early years of this decade, GlobalWebIndex’s research shows they are now hitting something of a ceiling. It’s certainly too early to proclaim the ‘death of the tablet’ but the excitement that greeted the launch of the first tablets, and particularly the iPad, is a faded memory. Have tablets failed to become little more than nice-to-have devices?” Felim McGrath writes.

“Tablets have come close to achieving mainstream status, but not quite – it’s slightly less than half of internet users who say they personally own a tablet. But a closer look at these figures shows that interest in tablets is waning. While at the start of 2015, it was 47 percent who owned a tablet, that figure has now fallen to 42 percent. This trend if particularly striking if we contrast this with the growth of smartphone over the same period (up over 10 points).”

Bonnier Chief Product Officer on B2B Publishing

Highly recommended interview with Fredrik Andersson, Bonnier’s Chief Product Officer, about B2B content marketing in a recent TheMediaBriefing.com article.

“I think it’s crucial for media businesses to get customers to go from consumers to subscribers, but we also have to work with our own proposition. Are we unique enough? Is the content of high enough quality? What’s our purpose and is the product suited for that purpose? And so on. In one way I like the fact that we are increasingly moving to a business model where we get paid for what we produce. If we do our jobs right it will work. If we don’t or if the product format as such is truly outdated that means the business wouldn’t have survived anyway and we have just speeded up the inevitable,” Andersson told Georgie Davies.

“In practice there are tons of things that need to be done in order to acquire and keep customers. First and foremost we have to look at what we are offering. Secondly we need to optimize the purchasing process and gain insight into what is driving different readers to pay for content. As a part of this we also need to work a lot more with onboarding and renewal.”

Download a FREE copy of 7 Ways to Monetize your Portal Audience, and discover how today's top publishers are generating revenue through memberships, events, clubs, sponsorships, and more.

And what about the future of audience development?

“My feeling is that most media businesses (inspired by e-commerce gurus) are way too focused on customer acquisition and thus forgetting that subscription is not a transaction business, but a customer lifetime business and as such comes with a relationship that we need to hone over time. When we know what drives engagement, we can figure out how to drive purchase and combined we can more easily stay relevant for our readers, which is the backbone of a subscription strategy.”

Measuring Social Media vs. Messaging a Key to Make a Magazine Online

There’s no question that messaging apps have emerged as a major force in digital publishing. But can they fit into a social media strategy? TheMediaBriefing.com examines the phenomenon.

“In the past couple of months, messaging apps have surpassed social apps in both monthly active users and total number of downloads. That’s not surprising: Communication is a much more fundamental need than uploading a photo album or surreptitiously checking out an ex’s new partner. The social networks know that, as we’ve learned from Facebook’s rather ominous protection racket around its own Messenger over the past couple of days,” Chris Sutcliffe writes.

“Publishers know it too. For the most part, reaching new audiences is high on their list of priorities, if for no other reason than expanding the pool of people who can be shown advertisements. So when WhatsApp has over a billion users, with Facebook Messenger not far behind and many others in the hundreds of million users, it’s small wonder that many publishers are leaping onto those platforms.”

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