Intention Setting in Multiplatform Publishing: 5 Ways to Attract More and Make More

Multiplatform publishing riches don’t just happen on their own. Behind every successful niche publication is a forward-thinking publisher thinking ten steps ahead.

Maybe you’ve heard that Amethyst is good for protection if you wear it, or that Aventurine will help with confidence if you hold it while public speaking. Perhaps you’ve read that if you put Jade in the four corners of your office, it will attract abundance, or that carrying Malachite with you will improve your leadership abilities.

Whether you believe in the metaphysical properties of gemstones and minerals, or just keep them at your desk for good looks, there’s one thing that most people in these circles can agree on. It’s that whatever you’re hoping to get from carrying, wearing or holding one of these items is all about intention. You want to feel more confident getting up on stage to present, so you carry Aventurine to set the intention that you will become more confident. You decorate your office in Jade not because you expect the money to roll in magically in one day, but because seeing it reminds you of your intentions to generate more income, and take steps to make that happen.


Now imagine applying this mindset to your multiplatform publishing business, and setting intentions for how you wish to grow over the next twelve months. You might say, “I want my multiplatform publishing business to make more money” but you know that just saying you want to make more money won’t make it happen.

That’s why when we teach the principles of ACEM to multiplatform publishers, which stands for Attract, Capture, Engage and Monetize, we don’t start with “Monetize.” Because making money is never what comes first, no matter how hard we set our intentions to do so.

Are there ways to do nothing but increase revenue with what’s already there? Sure.

  • You can do price testing.
  • You can try offer testing.
  • You can try changing the title of a product.
  • You can release a digital edition.
  • You can A/B test the copy on a page for your top-selling products.
  • You can send more promotions.

But none of these efforts solve the first part of the problem in multiplatform publishing, which is that you are still promoting to the same audience you always have, and if you’re not setting your intentions on building that audience, then your monetization testing can only take you so far, even with our recommended Six Sigma method for boosting revenues through testing.

So instead, we set our intentions on the first part of ACEM, the A for Attract. The larger the audience you build, the more opportunities you will have down the line.

Below are 5 simple ways you can set your intentions on A, and ATTRACT more visitors to your website:

  1. Publish new evergreen content every day. You can write new content, or recycle older content, but every day your website should be updated with new content that is so intriguing that it makes your website visitors want to subscribe to premium content.
  2. Use our SEO scorecard to write all of your evergreen articles. Our data shows that publishers who adopt our scorecard see positive increases in their organic traffic within the first month.
  3. Apply our 12x12x12 social scorecard to all of your evergreen posts. Again, our clients who started applying this methodology saw instant increases, many even doubled and tripled their social traffic.
  4. Recycle your top posts and re-promote them as if they were new. If you have a few posts sending the majority of your traffic, you might feel a little anxious. What if I lose my rank in Google? What will my sponsors think? How will I recoup all that lost traffic? You can easily keep your top trafficked posts on top by updating them regularly and re-promoting them.
  5. Become a Mequoda Gold Member, because ACEM is the name of our game.

While working on your audience, you should also focus on C – capturing more emails, and E – engaging with those on your email list so that they stay and are more likely to buy from you later on (which leads to M – monetize.)

If you’d like to talk more about setting your multiplatform publishing intentions on ACEM to see substantial growth over the next 12 months, please take a moment to schedule a call with me. 


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