Making Money As A Content Marketer

7 strategies for content marketers

To many, content marketers are different than the rest of the marketing world. Content marketing is all about the creation and sharing of content, designed with the intent of engaging your target market. Bringing valuable information to an audience helps retain the consumer base while constantly working to interest others. It’s a way to strengthen a brand image and create a relationship. One that, if nurtured properly, may last for a long time.

Content marketing also gives much more to consumers before money is ever exchanged. What a novel idea! Older, unattractive marketing models did the opposite. They would work at cleverly getting a consumer to pay for a product, that in reality, may not have been truly worth it. Hopefully content marketing can pave a new path and change any negative perceptions consumers have about marketing.

Along those lines, content marketing has taken off as a profitable form of publishing online. Companies with content that  presents an educational value have found the benefit in running online content marketing systems. Ones that truly grab their audience typically show them value through an array of attractive mediums.

These content marketers have been successful in making money online by combining certain components into their strategy. In total, there are seven of these components which include:

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7 Content Marketing Strategy Components:

#1: Editorial Strategy: Leveraging Content and Reputation

#2: Revenue Strategy: Choosing the Right Business Models

#3: Audience Strategy: Attracting Targeted Website Traffic

#4: Website Strategy: Converting Visitors into Subscribers

#5: Email Strategy: Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value

#6: People Strategy: Organizing Around the System

#7: Reporting Strategy: Managing by Exception

These seven components have helped create successful content marketing campaigns that have worked for an array of companies and can work for many more. As long as content is distributed through any number of online publishing platforms, be it online magazines, online newspapers, eBooks, audio or video pieces, email or interactive online events, content marketing may work for you.

As you may be able to tell, there is a lot more to discuss involving those seven components, especially if you are new to content marketing. Knowing these components alone is a good place to start. If any of them resonate with you, learning more may help you create and manage a successful content marketing campaign of your own.

As briefly mentioned, content marketing is still fairly new to most people. However, the benefits behind it will surely be of interest to those who are exposed to it. For more on content marketing, including how to create, execute and analyze a full campaign while maintaining profitable relationships with your customers, be sure to attend our Mequoda Summit Napa Valley 2010, April 6th-9th.

    norman f.

    I would be interested in your “making money as a content marketer” seminar if you run it in the east, near DC. Do you have any such plans?

      Chris S.

      Hi Norman,

      Glad you are interested in content marketing. We are planning a seminar in DC. As of right now the date is tentative, but it will most likely be around April 27th. More information and a set date should be coming soon.



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