Marketing 101 for Your Social Media Strategy

Communication for success

I recalled my college days today while reading an article from Mashable that discussed AIDA. This acronym, which stands for Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action, has been used as a starting point for basic marketing for over a hundred years.

This method has its flaws, like any other theory, and adaptations have been made throughout the years. However, these main, basic principles still hold truth in the world of marketing and can be applied to a social media strategy quite easily… let’s take a look.

Awareness: This is truly the key behind social networking. You can make audiences aware of the content you provide and its quality. Awareness includes a variety of applications, from showing the depth of your knowledge by answering questions to simply educating others about your brand.


Interest: After informing your audience and making them aware of your company and products, you need to interest them in buying. Spreading content continuously through social networks, on blogs and other promotional channels, and associating those promotional efforts with the value behind a product may lead to customers’ interest in purchasing.

Desire: After making an audience aware of your products and interesting them in purchasing, you need to match their desire. This can be done by offering your audience the most efficient website that allows them to navigate throughout your content smoothly.

Action: Awareness, Interest and Desire can all be expressed in the messages you communicate through social media. Action, however, is something that needs to take place on your website as purchases cannot be made easily or at all through social media.

To see other interpretations and new additions to this marketing funnel, check out the original article on Mashable.


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